The Flame Broiled Doctor: From Boyhood to Burnout in Medicine

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Don't apply to medical school until you've read this book.

If you're in medical school, don't pick a residency until you've read this book.

If you're a doctor in practice, don't think you're alone until you've read this book.

And if you wonder why the doctor that seemed so bright and friendly when you met just isn't the same person anymore, don't blame yourself or think your health doesn't matter until you've read this book.

Medicine's a hell of a career. It's physically demanding, emotionally intense, and rewarding in a million different ways. You grow up believing it's the greatest job in the world - the only job in the world - until you gave it your all and have nothing left to give.

This book tells the story of a life in medicine that shouldn't have been...of sights and smells, adventure and heartbreak, comedy and hypocrisy, pain and regret. Death, faith, sex, urinary catheters...nothing is sacred and nothing is safe. It's medicine as it truly is, from the highest drug-induced highs to the lowest and most irritable bowels.

Sometimes the "call" to enter medicine might just be a wrong number.

" excellent read for anyone in medicine or thinking of pursuing a career in it...a must-read before starting med school." - DocBastard, trauma surgeon and medical writer @ The Daily Beast

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CANADIAN SHOPPERS: Some people have had difficulty getting the paperback version through CreateSpace, or are concerned about the volatile exchange rate. As a solution to the problem, I'm obtaining a supply of books for direct mailing within Canada. E-mail me with your address for ordering and a shipping cost estimate. If you have your own account with a courier, I'm more than happy to ship the book that way.

Hippocrates - The Art and The Oath

Coming Soon! 

Athens, 430 B.C.E. It’s the first year of the Great Peloponnesian War. With the armies of Sparta and her allies marching through the Greek countryside, the Athenian citizens take refuge behind the city’s fortified walls. It was the soundest strategy by Athens’ most revered leader…until the arrival of the plague. 

As the death toll from disease looks to decimate the population, Athens puts its trust in the father of Western Medicine himself, Hippocrates. Can a medical art still in its infancy stop the deadliest epidemic in ancient Greek history?

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