Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Not quite writer's block

I'd love to get some suggestions around my next project.

I've been entrusted with the history and documentation of a compelling but tragic real story about a young woman whose life is one nightmare after another. I believe it can be turned into a compelling book, but there are several different ways I can approach it. Before going at it (which will take months or longer if there's research involved), I'd like to find out what people might be interested to read.

At its heart, it's about a family struggling to deal with a child whose life spirals out of control from early age abuse. However, there's a higher-level story about the systems and institutions that were ineffectual or inadequate as she grew into adulthood. Some of the problems persist to this day, 30 years after the story's inciting events.

My question is what interests readers more, based on what you might know of me personally, or from reading the blog these past few months. Do you prefer a focus on narrative? A case study in the mental health system? More legal-historical perspective on our various institutions (Children's Aid, police)? The basic facts will be covered no matter which way I go, but I don't want to pour months of effort into something nobody wants to read. I'll continue to blog as ideas come to me, and have some other ideas on the go if you prefer my NSFWish stuff. 

Please feel free to leave a response here, on Facebook, or Twitter @drwarsh.

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