Sunday, March 6, 2016

71,000 words

The draft is done.

For years, I've been told to write down every great story I've amassed as a doctor. While my usual response was "I'll get to it someday", it wasn't until I felt my days in practice coming to an end that I was able to write a story worth telling. Yes, there's entertainment in relating the mishaps of the "miscreants, knaves, and ne'er-do-wells" of St. Thomas, or the Tasteless Tales of the ER, but those aren't much more than comedy sketches. I'm still in disbelief that it all poured out as fast as it did. I started one night this past September, and didn't go full-steam until the start of 2016.

But it's done. My most important experiences, observations, and thoughts about the practice of medicine are now down on (virtual) paper. Here's hoping you'll all get to read them before too long.

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