Friday, January 15, 2016

Why an Asshole's opinion?

I've been getting in trouble on Facebook.

No, I haven't been stalking anyone, nor posting inflammatory rants about Israel or Islam or black people (Trump's hairdo is still fair game, though). I've been told repeatedly that the word Asshole lessens the impact of my message and makes a bad impression. I get it, but that comes from a misunderstanding of why I'm writing a blog.

I have no interest in (nor chance of) influencing policymakers. I tried that for 5 years, and even earned an unframed Master's degree and nice little paperweight for my effort. I also have no plans to run for office, ever.

For whatever reason, people have been pushing me to write a blog. I've assumed it's not for medical advice, which wouldn't be appropriate anyways. Perhaps it's for my work stories. The best of those, sadly, I'm saving for the book(s) I write.

In any case, the health care community is full of people that watch their words (and the words of others) obsessively. I've found most of them to be insufferably careerist, and pretty insincere to boot. Health care is not international diplomacy. It's down-and-dirty, in-the-trenches work, most often with folks who've known nothing but misery in their lives. Cursing comes with the territory.

Now, if someone wants to cut me a cheque to write this, and doesn't like swear words, suffice it to say that's very negotiable.

I'm not Louis CK, who's made his fortune relating graphic stories about his masturbation habits. Nor am I Rob Ford, a sitting politician who made comments to the press about performing oral sex on his wife. It's just the word Asshole.

Plus, I love these Muppets.

That's me on this blog. And they're assholes. 

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